Directeur des Opérations Grand Sud, Projetlys
Jean-François Berenguer

A propos de Jean-François Berenguer

Consultant with 30 years of IT experience. I’m now in charge of the delivery team at PROJETLYS as a « Directeur des Operations » (CTO) pour the Southern Region.
For years, I’ve managed Dev and Ops team, working on lot of technologies and cross platfoms, so today my main focus is DevOps 🙂 .
Awarded as Microsoft Regional Director since 2017 and MVP on « System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management » since October, 2008. Expert on Microsoft Technologies around System Center, Azure, docker and O365, I used to be a speaker for Microsoft and community events like : Technet Event, Technet tour, Techdays, MS Experience, MSCloud Summit, … every years since 2009
Skills : Microsoft Azure, System Center, DevOps, Docker, Active Directory, ITIL,
I am a fan of rugby, (coach and player), also interested in cooking : recipes of south of France, and impassioned by Chocolate.


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